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Sky Installation from Rutland Aerials. Let Rutland Aerials be your only choice for your Sky Installation requirements.

Our Sky Installation expertise

At Rutland Aerials, we have the skills and experience to help you decide which Sky Installation package will best suit your needs.

  • We ensure that the highest quality of service is provided to guarantee customer satisfaction whilst adhering to our strict safety requirements and guidelines
  • We evaluate each clients home individually to ensure the minimum level of disruption possible and to also assess correct placement of the dish so you can get the best service signal available

At Rutland Aerials - We arrive prepared, we are equipped to carry out your new satellite installation, repair or upgrade there and then.

  • We are dedicated to customer service. We are registered satellite and digital aerial installers and have undertaken numerous and successful digital satellite installations

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About Sky Digital TV

The Sky TV Digital service allows you to access to a new kind digital entertainment with countless channels and programmes, all shown in state-of-the-art digital quality. This can be tailored to suit your viewing preferences through their wide variety of television packages available on monthly subscription plans.


Sky+ and Sky HD

The Sky+ TV system provides you with total control over your TV, allowing you to choose what you watch and when you watch. You can pause and rewind live TV, ensuring you never miss a second of your favourite show. It even gives you the opportunity to organise your television viewing and record your favourite programmes, even while viewing a different Sky channel. The Sky+ service does need an upgrade to your Dish and a new Sky+ receiver box. The Sky+ TV system also come with the HD option to give you the ultimate experience in TV viewing. This Sky Installation is up to four times greater picture clarity with sharper, more vibrant images and colour. To receive HD package you must have a Sky HD receiver box and HD ready compatible television. Contact Rutland Aerials to help you install your new Sky system today.

Sky Anytime

Once Rutland Aerials have installed your new Sky+ HD satellite TV system, you can also start to use Sky Anytime! This allows you to select unmissable programmes as your favourite television series are recorded and stored on your Sky Box's hard-disk for that week, allowing you to watch these programmes at any time of the day, when it suits you.

Sky Multiroom

 Sky Multiroom allows various Sky Digital receivers to be operated from the one Sky Dish, so everyone in your home has their own control and can watch what they want.

Repair of Sky Satellite Installation

If you are experiencing loss of your digital service signal or poor picture quality on your television from Sky, Rutland Aerials can provide a reliable and professional repair service to your Sky satellite system to ensure your TV service is working to the best of its capabilities. We have all the specialist equipment to make sure you have the best picture quality possible.

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Freesat & Sky Installation Packages from Rutland Aerials

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